ISSN 1302-0099 | e-ISSN 2146-7153
Journal of Clinical Psychiatry - J Clin Psy: 15 (4)
Volume: 15  Issue: 4 - 2012
1.Traumatic Symptoms and Related Factors in Adolescents after a Friend's Death
Ayşe Burcu Ayaz, Sebla Gökçe İmren, Muhammed Ayaz
Pages 199 - 207

2.Adaptation Study of Conners-Wells Self-Report Scale Revised Short Form to Turkish Adolescents
Sema Kaner, Şener Büyüköztürk, Elvan İşeri
Pages 208 - 217

3.Analyzing Suicide Attempts: Risk Factors and Follow Up
Ali Emre Şevik, Halil Özcan, Emin Uysal
Pages 218 - 225

4.Factors Related to Marital Satisfaction and Views About Marital Therapy in Couples Applying for Marita! Therapy
Mehmet Eskin
Pages 226 - 237

5.Gender Differences in Subjective Thoughts of Schizophrenia Patients About Their Sexuality
Basri Doğu, Jülide Güler, Serhat Çıtak, Yavuz Altunkaynak, Nihat Alpay
Pages 238 - 247

6.Manic Episode with Psychotic Features in Patient with Parkinson's Disease
Gonca Karakuş, Nurgül Özpoyraz, Meliha Zengin, Lut Tamam, Ayşe Vural, Filiz Koç
Pages 248 - 251

7.Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors and Galactorrhea: A Comparison of Sertraline and Citaiopram Based on a Case Report
Sevilay Özcan, Lut Tamam, Ayçe Soydan
Pages 252 - 254

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