ISSN 1302-0099 | e-ISSN 2146-7153
Volume: 23  Issue: 4 - 2020
1.The background of publishing: Is ethics possible?
Mehmet Yumru
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2020.89166  Pages 390 - 391
Abstract |Turkish PDF

2.Screen time characteristics and early-term parental concerns of children newly diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (eng)
Murat Eyüboğlu, Damla Eyüboğlu
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2020.23245  Pages 392 - 401

3.Hospitalized children: A study on the factors affecting psychosocial adjustment (tur)
Bürge Kabukçu Başay, Ömer Basay, Atacenk Ürüt, Berkay Hasmercan, Melisa Uysal, Beyzanur Eren Usul
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2020.80958  Pages 402 - 413

4.Inflammatory parameters and blood lipid values across the different mood states in patients with bipolar disorder (eng)
Okan Ekinci, Aslı Erkan Ekinci
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2020.98216  Pages 414 - 422

5.Levels of anxiety, depression and stress response after missile attacks in Kilis in Turkey-Syria border (tur)
Musa Şahpolat, Duygu Ayar
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2020.26213  Pages 423 - 429

6.Suicide attempt among substance users: Do aggression and polysubstance use have an interaction effect on suicide attempt? (eng)
Tugba Gorgulu
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2020.56887  Pages 430 - 437

7.The relationship between preschool children’s behavioral problems and cartoons they watch (tur)
Ezgi Güneş, Ali Dayi, Mehmet Çolak, Özlem Şireli Bingöl
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2020.55798  Pages 438 - 445

8.The relationship of attachment characteristics, resilience, depression, anxiety and somatization symptoms with infertility related stress and treatment outcome in women undergone IVF treatment (tur)
Pelin Kalcı, Hakan Karaş, Aslıhan Polat
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2020.24865  Pages 446 - 455

9.Evaluation of clinical variables, treatment resistance and factors affecting the hospital stay duration in geriatric depressive disorders (tur)
Selçuk Özdin
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2020.86570  Pages 456 - 463

10.Psychometric properties of Parenting and Family Adjustment Scale (PAFAS) in a Turkish sample with parents of 2-12 years old children from both community and clinical sample (tur)
Barış Güller, Taner Guvenir, Burçin Seyda Buran, Ömer Aydemir, Fatma Varol, Aylin Özbek, Özlem Gencer Kıdak
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2020.25002  Pages 464 - 475

11.The effect of psycoeducation on social-emotional learning and emotional regulation skills for delinquent child-adolescents (tur)
Gulsenay Tas, Leyla Baysan Arabacı
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2020.80388  Pages 476 - 485

12.Validity and reliability study of Turkish form of moral distress scale for psychiatric (tur)
Mustafa Sabri Kovancı, Azize Atlı Özbaş
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2020.79058  Pages 486 - 494

13.Rare serious adverse effects of clozapine (tur)
Özcan Uzun
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2020.78790  Pages 495 - 502

14.Psychodynamic aspects and clinical approach to the concepts of factitious disorder/factitious disorder imposed on another: A review (tur)
Dilşad Foto Özdemir
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2020.29291  Pages 503 - 517

15.Clinical improvement with long-acting aripiprazole in a patient with delusional disorder with hyperprolactinemia: A case report (tur)
Sevler Yıldız, Kerim Uğur
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2020.71501  Pages 518 - 521

16.Psychogenic polydipsia case report use of additional clomipramine in atomoxetine (tur)
Berna Gündüz Çıtır, Sevcan Karakaç Demirkaya
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2020.26879  Pages 522 - 523

17.Bumetanide for autism spectrum disorder: Current evidence (eng)
Mazlum Çöpür, Sidar Copur
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2020.47123  Pages 524 - 525

18.Internet addiction and mental well-being among secondary school students in a Malaysian district: A cross-sectional survey (eng)
Luke Sy-Cherng Woon
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2020.72623  Pages 526 - 528

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