ISSN 1302-0099 | e-ISSN 2146-7153
Volume: 21  Issue: 3 - 2018
Mehmet Yumru
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2018.32659  Pages 208 - 209
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2.Development, implementation and results of Objective Structured Clinical Exam in Psychiatric Association of Turkey Board Exam (eng)
Ozlem Surel Karabilgin Ozturkcu, Ozlem Kuman Tuncel, Damla Isman Haznedaroglu
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2018.89421  Pages 210 - 221

3.Evaluation of the ganglion cell layer thickness in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and comorbid oppositional defiant disorder (eng)
Şahin Bodur, Halil Kara, Burak Açıkel, Erdoğan Yaşar
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2018.37450  Pages 222 - 230

4.Temperament and character dimensions, marital adjustment, and sexual satisfaction in couples with sexual dysfunction (eng)
Cennet Şafak Öztürk, Haluk Arkar
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2018.86548  Pages 231 - 244

5.The relationship of suicide attempt story and stress coping style among the patients with opioid substitution therapy (tur)
Vahap Karabulut, Cüneyt Evren
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2018.94830  Pages 245 - 253

6.Clinical characteristics, adjustment between the couples and the quality of sexual life of married women who are exposed to physical domestic violence (tur)
Ava Şirin Tav, Bülent Kadri Gültekin, Beyza Sarıöz Arpacıoğlu
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2018.66375  Pages 254 - 260

7.Comparison of traumatic symptoms severity of adolescents educated in some state high schools in Istanbul and exposed to traumatic and distressing events (tur)
Aynur Eren Gümüş, Özlem Karaırmak
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2018.64326  Pages 261 - 270

8.The gender roles attitudes of medicals students: A cross-sectional study (tur)
Ali Ercan Altınöz, Nagihan Günal, Şengül Tosun Altınöz, Ferdi Köşger, Altan Eşsizoğlu
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2018.08860  Pages 271 - 277

9.Analysis of the psychiatric consultations for inpatients and from the emergency room in a university hospital: A comparison with studies from Turkey (tur)
Burcu Eser, Sedat Batmaz, Emrah Songur, Mesut Yıldız, Esma Akpınar Aslan
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2018.53824  Pages 278 - 289

10.Decision-making behavior from adolescence through elderly and its relationship with executive functions (tur)
Serra Şandor
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2018.28291  Pages 290 - 300

11.Collective trauma cycle: The healing role of reconciliation, forgiveness and restorative justice in collective traumas (tur)
Ayten Zara
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2018.36449  Pages 301 - 311

12.Memory deficits and frontal lobe syndrome associated with bilateral globus pallidus lesions in a patient with synthetic cannabinoid use (tur)
Merve Çukurova, Tonguç Demir Berkol, Pınar Çetinay Aydın, Fatma Sibel Bayramoğlu
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2018.08769  Pages 312 - 319

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