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Turkish Journal of Clinical Psychiatry Journal of Clinical Psychiatry - J Clin Psy: 25 (2)
Volume: 25  Issue: 2 - 2022
1.The death decree of a scientific paper: Retraction (tur, eng)
Mehmet Yumru, Oğuzhan Herdi
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2022.35545  Pages 136 - 139
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2.Serum zonulin levels are correlated with symptom severity independent from body mass index and gender in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (eng)
Miray Cetinkaya, Halil Kara, Burak Açıkel, Sibel Cigdem Tuncer
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2022.74317  Pages 140 - 147

3.Investigation of the effect of comorbid psychopathologies on glycemic control in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes mellitus (eng)
Burcu Kardaş, Ömer Kardaş, Meliha Demiral, Edip Ünal, Mehmet Nuri Ozbek
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2022.44712  Pages 148 - 154

4.Relationship of clozapine serum levels with gender, smoking and symptom severity (tur)
Eren Yıldızhan, Eda Uzun, Nesrin Buket Tomruk
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2022.56688  Pages 155 - 167

5.Are the illness severity and treatment efficacy of the patients followed in the child psychiatry inpatient service during the pandemic period different from the ‘’Normal’’ period? (eng)
Sezen Köse, Burcu Özbaran, Nurhak Doğan, İlayda Barankoğlu, Tezan Bildik
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2022.46872  Pages 168 - 176

6.Comparison of emergency department and psychiatry physicians’ views on decision-making capacity cases in the grey zone (eng)
Harun Olcay Sonkurt, Şengül Tosun Altınöz, Akın Coşkun, Ali Ercan Altınöz
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2022.13245  Pages 177 - 183

7.The comparison of application profile to child psychiatry outpatient clinic before and during the COVID-19 pandemic and the effect of the pandemic on emotional-behavioral problems in children (eng)
Ferhat Yaylaci, Barış Güller
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2022.21957  Pages 184 - 192

8.Mediterranean diet habits and their effects on symptomatology among children and adolescents with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (eng)
Mert Beşenek, Merve Yazıcı
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2022.66592  Pages 193 - 201

9.Evaluation of the psychiatric diagnosis of children and adolescents before and during the COVID-19 pandemic: A sample from a university hospital (tur)
Hacer Gizem Gerçek, Aziz Kara, Yağmur Köksal Yasin
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2022.97344  Pages 202 - 208

10.Evaluation of the political psychological reflections of the COVID-19 process in the context of Turkey (eng)
Gülşah Köprülü, Mehmet Ak
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2022.16779  Pages 209 - 218

11.Myoclonic seizures induced by antipsychotic drugs: A case series and literature review (eng)
Taylan Altıparmak, Cagatay Hasim Yurtseven, Bahadır Geniş, Behcet Cosar
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2022.48254  Pages 219 - 222

12.L-carnitine use as a trigger for the onset of Kleine-Levin syndrome: A case presentation (eng)
Ferhat Yaylaci, Önder Küçük, Handan Özek Erkuran
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2022.91668  Pages 223 - 228

13.Approach to a case with functional gait disorder (tur)
Koray Yarız, Cansu Pınar Yavaş, Hakan Kumbasar
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2022.35651  Pages 229 - 233

14.Clarithromycin induced psychotic disorder with catatonic-like features in an adolescent girl: Case report (eng)
Burcu Ersöz Alan, Sıla Akarçay, Yusuf Selman Çelik
doi: 10.5505/kpd.2022.67984  Pages 234 - 237

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